Lincoln County Historical Society

The Lincoln County Historical Society began in October of 1968. In 1970, the Davenport City Council leased 5 lots along Cottonwood Creek (the old Washington Water Power grounds) to the Society. This allowed the hiring of an architect and the beginning of construction. Funding came from membership dues, donations, and a generous gift from George Kloster (a Harrington farmer). With construction and landscaping completed, the museum opened and was dedicated on July 15, 1972.

Lincoln County Museum

Starting with Columbian mammoth bones and Native American artifacts, the Lincoln County Museum shows the beginnings of Lincoln County, vintage farming in our rural area, and a glimpse into the lives of local people and the special items in their world. The Society collects, preserves, and makes available to all citizens, the heritage of Lincoln County in the Lincoln County Museum. Detailed exhibits tell the story of Lincoln County’s past in a clear and interesting manner. It features indigenous artifacts, local businesses from the past, everyday items from yesteryear, musical instruments, cameras, blacksmith shop, phonographs, farm machinery, steam tractor, combines, tools, guns, a prison cell, printing press, vintage fire engines, and an impressive display about the fearless outlaw, Harry Tracy, who was finally caught in 1902 in Lincoln County.

Visitor Center

Provides a wide array of useful information, brochures, and maps to help tourists on their journey throughout our scenic state and beyond.

EV Charging Station

Charge your electric car at our free Level 2 EV charging station in the parking lot of the Lincoln County Museum. It has one J1772 port. There are restrooms in the museum during business hours and there are restrooms nearby at 6th St. & Highway 2/Morgan St. behind the gazebo which is less than 2 blocks away. Also on 6th St. is a park, laundromat, and grocery store.